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Personalised Kids Clothes

Personalised Clothing for Kids

Your kid will look like the coolest around with our fun & unique personalised kids clothing! All our personalised custom garments are handmade with love and attention to detail. Our boys and girls clothing is made from super soft cotton and caters to a wide range of ages.

Our designs make for the perfect birthday and Christmas presents!

Make your baby even cuter with our beautiful assortment of personalised baby clothing!

We all want our kids – our pride and joy – to look and feel fabulous. But with so many options to choose from, deciding the right style and sizing can be overwhelming!

Once upon a time, fashion was all about symbols and uniforms, clothes for jobs and formal occasions. Today, it’s about thematic clothes that are given a name and that gives you a style.

Today personalised kids clothing, and accessories are an almost daily necessity given the growing trend to be more aware of and appreciative of the style differences among children. Personalised kids clothing also empowers parents to create clothing more suited to the needs of their child that’s not only more stylish but more practical, and more fun to wear.

And even if you’re not able to create clothing that’s truly tailored, there are many other ways to customise your children’s clothing that is always going to be more efficient, practical and fun to dress your kids.

Who We Are?

Cookie Dough Kids is the leading personalised kids clothing company that empowers parents to customise their kids’ clothing that’s more functional, comfortable and fun to wear. Cookie Dough Kids’ mission is to provide creative, easy to customise clothing for children of all ages.

We understand as proud parents you’re striving for quality, style, fun and safety to your children and we strive to match that with the best quality of comfort, style, and ease of use that you would expect from every leading kid apparel brand.

We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop for kid’s clothing that meets your needs and wants without compromising functionality. We offer apparel in a variety of fabrics and materials with high impact fabric for enhanced design, flexibility, and performance. We are proudly open 24X7, providing you with the best selection of kid’s clothing and accessories at the most competitive price point that meets your budget and your kid’s needs.

We welcome all parents to explore our collection of personalised kids clothing; from t-shirts and hats to tracksuits, accessories and more. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, sizes, and styles to help to accommodate the unique needs of each child’s body and personality, a variety of options available empowers you to give your kids an unmatched personalised wardrobe.

Our Offerings

As a personalised shopping destination tailored for parents and kids, we believe in working with our “customers” directly, providing them with over 100 style recommendations, based on their style preferences, kid’s age. Some of the most compelling choices that often are best seller are personalised cotton pyjamas, robe hooded dressing grown, age birthday t-shirts, etc.

Because our site is so unique, parents and interested individuals can customise their children’s clothing with money-saving offers and exclusive promotions. Plus, we will deliver orders worth over £45 directly to our customer’s address, free of charge.

T-Shirt with Personalised Heart Logo

This cotton t-shirt is the perfect gift for your child. Carefully hand-printed, it is a stylish, easy-to-wear t-shirt that is made of a soft, cotton blend that is both comfortable and flattering. It is loved by parents and children for its versatility and ease of wearing and is one of our best sellers.

Girls Cotton Short Sleeved Skirt Dress

This personalised kid clothing is available in 4 colours and is made of a lightweight, 100% cotton fabric. Available in a variety of text colour options, this gorgeous cotton dress is ideal for summer and spring.

Personalised Initials T-Shirt

Give your kid a personalised clothing experience with our personalised initials t-shirt. This t-shirt is made of a lightweight, 100% cotton fabric, featuring a unique design that highlights your child’s unique personality. This t-shirt is available in a variety of text colour options, from vibrant red and yellow to subtle white.

What Makes Cookie Dough Kids 1st Choice of 1000’s of Parents?

Personalisation and custom clothing is popular among millennials, but it has always been a niche market, and only a handful of brands are investing in it. Cookie Dough Kids, as a personalised kid clothing shopping platform, has three key advantages:

1. Unrivalled Services Driven by Experiences

Cookie Dough Kids take everything — prices, design, orders, customer service — right out of the experience itself. Cookie Dough Kids was founded by parents who were personally aware of the struggles to find something cool, personalised yet affordable for their kids.

2. Personal Experience

Cookie Dough Kids brings you the personal experience of parents sitting in their own kitchens and designing all of the items they wanted to give their kids, and that suggests that they can do great things with the kinds of clothing that are personalised.

3. We Know the Frustration

The market is flooded with kids clothing, but personalisation is non-existing, and that’s really frustrating for many parents who wants something unique, something out of class for their kids. Acknowledging the many frustrations of parents, Cookie Dough Kids gives parents access to the largest selection of children’s clothing available in a multitude of colours, sizes and styles to suit all occasions for children of all ages.

Why Choose Us?

Are you a parent looking for some great fun and unique personalised kids clothing, on and off the field? Cookie Dough Kids is a direct purchase exclusive children’s clothing store based in Leicestershire and is committed to delivering your kids into their stylish and unique future.

Cookie Dough Kids is among a handful of children’s clothing company entirely devoted to offering personalised kids clothing experience to proud parents.

The result is an unrivalled online shopping experience, with a huge focus on storytelling, that is far more focused on both the child and the parent than the commodity-like mass-produced apparel of many stores.

The wide variety of styles and accessories offers a striking contrast to the high-end site markets, which tend to be very niche-driven. If you are a family member or friend looking for professional style personalised clothing to gift, Cookie Dough Kids has a wide selection open to all sizes and ages. And if you’re a parent, you can find all kinds of stylish clothing your kid might love.

Please note that due to all designs being handmade there may be slight variations in the look and colour of the final product.

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