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Personalised Gifts for Pets

Pets are a family in every way, and with their devotion to their owners, their longevity, and their sheer sense of brand loyalty, they require everything that a human would need. So why wouldn’t you show your love of pets like you would for your child and give them the personal attention and customised pet wear that they deserve?

At Cookie Dough Kids, we understand this commitment to your pet, and we are very proud of the pet range that we can create, especially for your pet. Our handcrafted range is made from the highest grade of cotton – and allows us to produce the best-customised pet wear for your special pet.

It is our policy to make sure that the highest quality pet wear is produced, and because we understand how special your furry friend is, we use the best materials to make sure that your pet is not only comfortable but also happy.

At Cookie Dough Kids, we understand how important your pet is – and the special role that they play in your family. The love and light that is reflected back to you is something that is unique – and as you share your family and your home with your pet, we want you to be able to reflect that love in the special gifts that you give your pet.

We understand that each and every pet is unique to itself, so we want you to choose a pet gift that reflects your pet’s personality.

With our range of pet clothing, you can choose from custom bandanas, doggy backpacks, pet cushion, and even pet treat jars available for customisation. We can make it all. Whatever you need for your pet – we will have.

We want you to enjoy your pets in a special way all the time, by giving them special clothing that allows you to express your personality as well as the specialness of your pet. 

Once again, at Cookie Dough Kids, our mission is to bring you the best products– and if you are ready to make your pet look super special and you love to see their smiling face and their wagging tail, you’ll want to check out our pet collection.  Always dedicated to you and your beloved pets, we promise to continue creating products that will keep your furry friend safe, comfortable, and happy.

At Cookie Dough Kids, we value the natural characteristics of every pet that is given into your care – so choose quality Pets Accessories that is unique, comfortable, and perfectly personalised for your pet. Share your love of pets and the wonderful characteristics that they bring to your life by giving them the customised clothing that they deserve!

Spend time with your pet, and show the world how special you both are. We want you to know that we love pets just as much as you love them – so stop by our site and see what we can do for you and your special pet. It is the least that we can do for you. Use the best pet brand to ensure the highest quality pet accessories – and at Cookie Dough Kids, it is our promise to you and your pet.

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