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Personalised Teddy Bear

Personalised Baby & Kids Teddy Bears

A gift that can be treasured for a lifetime – something that will last through the years and beyond. Something that will never go out of fashion – at least not in the way that clothes and DVDs do. What could that be? The answer is a personalised teddy bear.

There is nothing in the entire world quite like a personalised teddy bear. For someone so young that they can’t even speak – they will be able to find the words that they have hidden in their most private thoughts. From the moment they open their arms to receive a new toy – every snuggle and all those cuddles is a unique experience that is filled with the mutual joy that can never be found in the gifts that other youngsters receive.

At Cookie Dough Kids, we understand this, and we want to share that joy with you. For each and every customer, we take the time to create a personalised teddy bear that is unique – and reflects what is great about your child. Your child may be blazing their own path in the world already – or they may be so young that even finding the words is a sometimes task. But in our eyes, they are all special – and so every personalised teddy bear that we create is a treasure that will last through the years – just like your pride and joy.

But our personal histories are different from others, and there are no limits to what we want to say. We want to create personalised teddy bears that reflect your child’s personality and character. Brothers and sisters may be dressed in matching clothing and have matching toys, but their personalities are unique and so should be the expressions of love that you let into their precious lives – a personalised teddy bear from Cookie Dough Kids will make sure that is the case, and allow you to say why you think they are unique and special – and how they gave you joy.

From the very moment that you slip your arms around your new friend – the love affair begins. And through those years when they are so small, and you are so young, you will find that nothing can match the joy you feel from that special hug and that special smile. And now, with a personalised teddy of your very own – and the knowledge that we take as much care in creating a personalised teddy for you as you would a personalised birthday party for your own child – you can bring the same joy that you received in making the love match that brought you that little bundle of joy into their lives into your home. Each and every time you hug that teddy, you will be taking a piece of that joy home – and with it, a little piece of that child’s life as a gift to yourself and them.

So, go ahead. Buy a personalised teddy bear – a unique expression of your love. And you never know – you may just find that the perfect combination of text, images, and symbols will not only be the ideal pairing of comfort and joy for your child – but for you as well.

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