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Personalised New Baby Gifts

Personalised Gifts for New Babies

Cookie Dough Kids Brings You Best Personalised New Baby Gifts

Babies are a blessing in many ways, but they need constant love and care. With all the time and energy spent taking care of your precious baby, you shouldn’t have to waste even a minute trying to find the best gift for them. Cookie Dough Kids brings you personalised new baby gifts that speak for themselves. We have beautiful clothing sets, personalised soft toys and personalised blankets that will delight any little one. Whether you’re buying it for a close family friend or for a relative, a personalised gift shows you care. And that is exactly what your child wants.

Why Choose Cookie Dough Kids’s Personalised New Baby Gifts?

Personalised gifts are just as special as traditional gifts and they prove that you’ve put some serious thought behind them. Anyone would appreciate these thoughtful gifts, and so would a newborn baby. When you have a baby, you always want to remember their first moments together. Keeping that idea in mind, we provide you with personalised baby girls & boys clothing and lots of other things.

Why Shop Personalised Gifts from Cookie Dough Kids:

Our gifts are full of love and they’re made of high quality. We’re willing to do anything to make sure you love the personalised gifts you get from us. We’re also one of the leading baby gift brands, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible products. Whether it’s about baby boys & girls clothing or a cute little soft toy, let us surprise you with our extensive selection today.

Our Personalisation Options & Features for You

Did you know that we not only personalise baby clothing and toys but we also offer you the choice of colours, sizes etc? Now you get the chance to choose the right gift you want without leaving your home. You’ll never have to worry about sending a gift to the wrong address when you shop with us. We always send the right things to the right people. Browse through our products and find what you are looking for. We’re sure you’ll find something that is perfect for your baby!

To ensure complete satisfaction, we offer all our valued customers complete personalisation options. You can even add a personal message to all our products. They are available in a variety of styles and colours that would surely match your loved one’s personality and tastes. With our vast collection of beautiful designs that range from innovative gifts to traditional ones, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

Send your gift to your loved ones across the world and make sure they get a pleasant surprise. Place an order with us now and get it delivered in no time.

Our Popular Gift Options

At Cookie Dough Kids, we have the latest baby shower gifts that include stylish, durable baby clothing sets, beautiful bibs, cute little soft toys, and more. Choose from our unique baby gifts for girls or baby gifts for boys. No matter what you choose, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Get in touch with us now and shop now!

1. Personalised Baby and Kids Unicorn Soft Toy

Magical unicorns are welcomed by every child, and with our personalised baby and kids unicorn soft toy, you can make your little one’s dream come true! Just like how they felt when they first saw the rainbow–brilliantly beautiful and lovely–that’s how the warm and cosy feeling will make them feel when they hug a unicorn toy made by Cookie Dough Kids. Super soft and made from microfleece, it’s one of the best gifts you can ever give them.

You might think that it’s impossible for a soft toy to be made from 100% polyester plush, but if you’re anything like Cookie Dough Kids, you don’t think that anything can stop you from giving the best gifts to those you love. Personalised unicorn baby and toddler soft toy is a brilliant gift for every baby and every toddler. We have added our children’s best interest in all that we do, and believe that personalised unicorn baby and kids soft toy will make them unbelievably happy. You might even find that your child’s new best friend will help them get to sleep better at night.

2. Baby and Kids Personalised Brown Bear Soft Toy

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Since the beginning of time, we have loved a brown bear soft toy, but we bet no one can ever say they have a personalised bear. Pair your bear with a personalised message and you cannot go wrong. Especially when the personalised bear is plush, just like Cookie Dough Kids brown bears.

Cookie Dough Kids brings you brown bears like no other. Soft, adorable, and perfect for giving yourself, the personalised bear will be your child’s company for a very long time. Their brown bear will be a cutie and will chuckle every time their child falls asleep. Additionally, it’s perfect as a gift for any little girl on birthdays, for festivals, when the child is ill, and on numerous occasions. The bear is a soft and cute gift, and they’ll love it for all time. Moreover, there is no better way to show somebody how much you love them than buy them a personalised brown bear.

With its fur so soft and great to snuggle, the personalised brown bear will warm your child’s heart as they fall asleep every night. A bear tells everything about a parent and a child, so make sure you get the best ones. Every child deserves to have the best brown bear, and Cookie Dough Kids offers you personalised brown bears just the way kids want.

3. Personalised Long Sleeve Hello World Baby Grow

Join in on the adorable adventure with your little one with the personalised long sleeve, hello world baby grow. If you are looking for a way to show your baby that they come first, this is the perfect way for you to do it! There is no better way to show that you want nothing more than the best for your child than with this product. They will never want to wear a different shirt for as long as you have living room access!

Every child wants to be different. We all want to have a way to show who we really are–unless you’re the outgoing type, and that’s great. But for those who like to stay more hidden, these personalised long sleeve hello world baby grows are the perfect way to do it. They’re incredibly soft and comes in many colours. From blue to yellow, to teal, to purple to red, there are many colours to choose from. And if the colour that you want doesn’t exist, don’t you worry! That just means that you can go online and customise your shirt. You can even add a personalised message to make it more special.

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