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Personalised Baby & Kids Accessories

A parent’s love is a love greater than any other – and celebrating that love with a handcrafted personalised baby accessory is a wonderful way to say “thank you.” From baby grows to blankets to rattles – every handcrafted item is a unique personalised expression of love – and Cookie Dough Kids is just the site to share that love.

A baby is a unique gift of love – a fresh and innocent person who has left another world to explore the wonders of a world that they will never forget. And each and every parent puts their heart into the gift that they give their child – something that will help that little one in ways that are not always apparent but always rewarding and always joyous.

But giving a gift is an adventure – it is a journey of discovery and reflection of one’s self – who they are in the world. From the moment that you realise you are having a child – you open your world to a level of love and reflection about yourself, your hopes and dreams, and the passion that makes you the unique person that you are. And that is all conveyed in the gifts that you give, the clothes that you wear, and the love that shows in your eyes.

At Cookie Dough Kids, we understand that adventure, and we want to share it with you. We create personalised baby accessories – a memorable gift that can be treasured forever – and we know, and you know that a personalised baby accessory is a gift that can be treasured for a lifetime to symbolise a love that will never grow old. Every love affair gives meaning to both parties – and now you get the chance to really open up to it.

From the moment you receive our handcrafted item, you begin a journey of love and adoration of your child, and it is so easy to see that reflected in this gift. We know that each and every child is unique – and so should the expressions of love that go with them. So, with personalised baby accessories, the focus always rests on the love that went into them and the uniqueness of each and every child – something that will never go out of fashion.

Whether it’s a personalised baby sleepsuit or blanket or a personalised teddy bear – there is an enormous opportunity to share a love that is truly unique. Our only desire is to be there for you as you take this journey – so that we can share the highs and lows and the wide spectrum of emotions that go with it. That would be a “cherry on top” for us…knowing that we helped you to make yours the perfect gift!

Customers who choose Cookie Dough Kids will always receive a unique gift made with a lot of care and a lot of love. It would be ridiculous to say that our personalised baby accessories will be the best gift that you could give – because there is always room for improvement. But they will definitely be up there, and we will do everything in our power so that you always receive a gift that represents the love that has created your baby.

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