Personalised Water Bottles – Back to School

Back to School Personalised Water Bottles

I have recently introduced personalised Water Bottles to Cookie Dough Kids – perfect for back to school!

You can purchase the bottles here < click here > 

After A LOT of research into what kind of bottle to purchase, I decided on the reputable brand Sistema. This is a really popular brand for bottles, lunch boxes etc. Their products are phthalate and BPA free which make them really safe and easy to use.

I decided to go with two different bottle types, one larger 725ml bottle for older children and adults, and one twist and sip 425ml bottle for younger children. The twist and sip bottle is perfect for little ones as it prevents spillages and is easier for them to use.

I introduced a range of colours – Blue, pink, green, black, purple and orange. Perfect for everybody!

The bottles are not only aimed at children but are perfect for adults too for the gym, sports activities and work!

I also offer a range of different fonts and text colours for the personalisation so that you can make your personalised water bottle exactly how you want it to be.

I’m hoping to introduce a Back to School range very soon, offering other products such as pencil cases and lunch boxes, so watch this space!




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