Children’s Personalised Birthday Party Package

We’re excited to now be offering a birthday party package!

We wanted to offer something unique and different for children to have an extra special day on their birthday with their friends.

We offer a personalised T-shirt, with the name of the birthday child on the front, and the name of the party guest on the back.

And how exciting is this! When you order the birthday t-shirts we’re throwing in a Party Bag for free for each child attending the party!

Party bags are available in Pink & Blue and t-shirts in white, with a variety of different coloured text available.

These t-shirts and bags are great for keeping track of your party guests and bring a special touch for the Birthday child and their party friends!

There is no limit on the amount that can be ordered, we are happy to make as many as required.

Your child’s birthday party will be one to remember with these great personalised T-shirts and Party bags!

How to Order:

  1. Choose the age you require
  2. Choose the text colour you would like on the t-shirt
  3. Choose the party bag colour
  4. Choose the text colour you would like on the party bag
  5. Enter the Birthday child’s name
  6. Enter the name of the party guest
  7. Add to basket and repeat this process for as many party guests as you require!

You can find Personalised Children’s Party Bags & Tshirts here

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