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Three As A Bird Vanlife Travels

Three As A Bird Vanlife Travels

Hi everyone! 

So you may be wondering why our website is currently not taking on any orders so I thought I would explain everything in this blog post.

I am currently taking a break from Cookie Dough Kids, which was a really difficult decision to make! I have spent years working so so hard to build this little business up from the ground, and have put so much time and energy into it, so I had to think long and hard about whether this was the right decision for me.

In the end, I decided that it was, and that I needed to follow my dreams and do something that I have been wanting to do for many years, but have never been brave enough to take the leap and do it.

I am currently taking a career break to go travelling around the UK and Europe with my partner and our cockapoo, Lottie, in our campervan!

To travel full time is something that I have been wanting to do for forever, but life gets in the way doesn't it! I was tied down with my full time job (that I was so unhappy in), not wanting to take a break from Cookie Dough Kids, we owned a house, had a mortgage, etc etc, all those things that can sometimes make it difficult to give it all up and do something like this!

And trust me, it was difficult, I really had to think about it for a really long time and to consider whether it would actually work. 

But - in the end I'm so glad I made the decision to do it. We sold our house, our car, quit our jobs, bought our campervan, and now we are on the adventure of a lifetime. 

We are currently 2 months into what will be roughly a 12 month trip (maybe longer, if we can!) and we have already made memories that will last a lifetime, and that makes it all worth it.

We didn't want to spend the rest of our lives wondering, what if? We needed to just get out into the world and do what makes us happy and what we're so passionate about, and that's travelling!

So, for now I am taking a break from Cookie Dough Kids, but I definitely don't expect, or want, this to be forever. I would love to be able to pick my wonderful business up where I left it in the future when the time is right. I know I will have lots of work to do to build it up to where it was again, but hopefully that will be worth it, and I believe in this business and know that I can make it work again. 

I am so thankful to everyone that has supported Cookie Dough Kids over the years, it means the world to me! And hope that when I do reopen in the future, that support will still be there, and hopefully we will come back bigger and better than ever!

If you would like to follow our vanlife travel adventures around the UK and Europe at all, then you can find us at -

Website - Three As A Bird | Join Us On Our Travels in Our Motorhome

YouTube - Three As A Bird - Vanlife Travel - YouTube

Instagram - @threeasabird

Facebook - @threeasabird

Pinterest -

TikTok - @threeasabird3

Thanks so much guys for your understanding and patience whilst I am away, hopefully catch up with you soon, lots of love, Kirsty! xx


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