Personalised Water Bottles – Back to School

I have recently introduced personalised Water Bottles to Cookie Dough Kids - perfect for back to school! You can purchase the bottles here < click here >  After A LOT of research into what kind of bottle to purchase, I decided on the reputable brand Sistema. This is a really popular brand for bottles, lunch boxes etc. Their products are phthalate and BPA free which make them really safe and easy to use. I decided to go with two different bottle types, one larger 725ml bottle for older children and adults, and one twist and sip 425ml bottle for younger children. The twist and sip bottle is perfect for little ones as it prevents spillages and is easier for them to use. I introduced a range of colours - Blue, pink, green, black, purple and orange. Perfect for everybody! The bottles are not only aimed at children but are perfect for adults too for the gym, sports activities and work! I also offer a range of different fonts and text colours for the personalisation so that you can make your personalised water bottle exactly how you want it to be. I'm hoping to introduce a Back to School range very soon, offering other products such as pencil cases and lunch boxes, so watch this space!      

Cookie Dough Kids x Liberty London Fabrics

Liberty Fabrics are SO beautiful and I am so excited that I've decided to incorporate them into my designs. When I came up with the idea to do something a little different to vinyl and started to have a look at possibilities, as soon as I saw Liberty fabrics I knew this was what I needed to do. They're vibrant, bright with the most lovely patterns. I wanted to start with only a few fabrics at the beginning and I thought it would be a tough job choosing a few out of the hundreds of amazing ones available! But it wasn't, as soon as I saw the 4 that I have chosen I just fell in love with them -   They fit in perfectly with my themes and ideas of what I want to do. I only have 4 available currently but I'm definitely hoping to introduce more in the future as I love them so much! I decided to go with initials to start with but I have plans to introduce other options such as numbers, love hearts, etc. If you'd like to take a look at my Cookie Dough Kids x Liberty London Fabrics, follow these links: Kirsty. x

Joining the Cookie Club

Cookie Dough Kids would love to invite all customers to join the Cookie Club. Becoming a member is easy, all you need to do is place an order, create an account and also join the mailing list. When you place an order and create an account you will straight away start earning cookie points. For every £1 you spend, you will earn 1 point. Once you have earned 100 points you will have £10 to spend. For creating an account you will straight away receive 5 bonus points. If you leave a review, you will also earn 5 bonus points. These points will earn you a discount on your next order, the more you spend the more discount you get. If you also join Cookie Dough Kids mailing list you will be updated with news, discount codes and also competitions for your chance to win prizes. Newsletter subscribers will also be the first to know about all new arrivals and limited edition items. I have so many big ideas for Cookie dough Kids I really can't wait to share them all with you! I would love to know what you think about the website, the business and any ideas of things you would like to see in the store so I have also created a closed group on Facebook. This way we can stay directly in contact. I would love to use the facebook group to get ideas flying around and any custom items you wish can be made especially for you. Get ready and join the club now - 
Join our closed facebook group straight from our page,  Please give us a like while you're there too!

Harry Potter – Biggest Fan

When starting to come up with ideas for clothing for Cookie Dough Kids, I wanted to start by designing items using a theme for something that I love. Anybody that knows me will know that I am the biggest Harry Potter fan so this was my starting point! To give you a little bit of an insight into me I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan from growing up with it and loving the books to falling in love with the films. What are the chances of me then meeting someone who is equally as big of a fan as me?! In 2017 my fiance planned the most magical proposal in front of the Hogwarts Castle in Florida! The ring was even in a golden snitch, it couldn't have been more perfect... So when I got out my scrapbook to start sketching designs, naturally I couldn't think of anything better than creating Harry Potter designs which could be personalised for a more unique feel. My Harry Potter designs are some of my favourites and I hope you love them as much as I do. x Personalised Harry Potter baby grow you're a Wizard

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