Back To School Personalised Kids Accessories

Summer holidays are upon us and here at Cookie Dough Kids we have you covered with everything you could possibly need to ensure your children start the new school year in style! We know how easy it can be for children to get their things mixed up with others at school when they all look the same, there's no danger of that happening with our unique personalised back to school accessories! Your child will be the envy of all their friends! Personalised Book Bags Our classic personalised book bags come in a variety of colours; black, green, royal blue, burgundy, red, navy, purple and yellow so you can choose the bag that fits in with your child's school colour scheme. They have a five-litre capacity and enhanced viz reflective strips, making it easy to be seen in dark weather when walking to and from school. We have two different designs for the book bags, one with a crown and one with a star, however, if there is a different design or something bespoke you would like on yours, feel free to contact us! Personalised PE Bags Our 100% cotton drawstring gym bags make the best bags for your children to carry their PE kit in! Available in a variety of different colours; lilac, yellow, baby blue, baby pink, black, burgundy, green, navy, purple, red and royal blue, so you can choose your child's favourite colour or a colour to fit in with their school uniform! The bags have plenty of room for all of the kit your child may need and are easy for them to carry with the drawstring straps. There's no worry of your child getting their PE kit mixed up with anybody else with this personalised bag that will stand out from the rest! Personalised Pencil Cases This polyester zip up pencil case is available in nine unisex colours and a variety of text colours so it can be customised perfectly for your child. This pencil case has plenty of space for all the essential school stationary. Your child will be the envy of the classroom! Personalised Lunch Boxes This lunch box is perfect for school, it fits easily inside a lunch box or backpack and has room for all of your child's favourite lunchtime snacks! We use the reputable brand Sistema, so our lunch boxes are hard wearing and made to last! Personalised Water Bottles Our screw top plastic water bottles are an amazing addition for children at school! We also offer a twist top water bottle for younger children who may find the screw top difficult. Our water bottles come in a variety of colours; black, blue, green, orange, pink and purple and the name can be personalised in black, white, pink, blue, silver or gold text. You will not need to worry about your children's belongings ending up in lost property anymore! Personalised Woolly Hats These personalised woolly hates are essential for your child for school in the winter! Made from a thick, warm fabric these hats are perfect for walking to and from school and playing out in the playground! You can check out our Back to School range here.
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A year into Cookie Dough Kids

A year into Cookie Dough Kids

It’s now coming up to a year since I started my small business, Cookie Dough Kids, back in July 2018, and what a year it has been! I didn’t really give starting Cookie Dough Kids too much of a thought if I’m being honest, it was something that I knew I wanted to do and I just kind of jumped into it without thinking too hard about what could go wrong or how much work it was going to take, I just knew I wanted to have a go at doing something that I enjoy and could call my own. I remember thinking at the start that I wouldn’t get any orders at all, and within a few days I had my first order from a stranger (my family, bless them, had put in a couple of orders before that, that’s a family obligation!)

Our First Order

I was so excited when I got an order from somebody that I didn’t know, it felt like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one! Since then over the year I’ve had more orders than I would ever have expected through my website and my Etsy store. I’m so so grateful for every single order that I receive and still get mega excited when I see an order come through! It’s so true what they say about how when you purchase through a small business you make someone somewhere do a little happy dance! Especially at Christmas time, it was busier than I ever hoped it would be, I have never ever seen so many pairs of Christmas pyjamas! But I absolutely loved making every single pair and thinking, babies and kids all over the UK are going to be waking up on Christmas day all excited wearing my Christmas pyjamas that I’ve made, I loved that idea! I currently still work full time, so I don’t have anywhere near as much time to put into Cookie Dough Kids as I would like to, but every bit of spare time that I do get, I try to put into it, whether it be making orders, writing product descriptions, thinking of new products and designs or writing blog posts like this one! Like this morning for example, I didn’t have to leave out for work until a little later than usual, so I used the extra half an hour that I had to write a couple more product descriptions! It’s little things like that you can do around everything else you have to do through the day to make a difference! It can be stressful and tiring working full time and trying to run and build a small business to be the best it can be with limited time, but I wouldn’t change it, I hope the hard work will pay off eventually and I’ll be able to possibly go part time and have more time to spend on Cookie Dough Kids, that’s the goal!

The Cookie Dough Kids Redesign

After a year of running the business, I decided that I wanted to re-design my website, which is something that has just been completed by the wonderful RR Web Design! He’s so talented and really listened to everything that I wanted to get from my website and helped me to achieve it. I hope my new website is another step to helping me grow my business and achieve my goal. I want to continue putting as much time and effort into Cookie Dough Kids as I possibly can and am constantly thinking about what more I can do to better things. I want to introduce so many more new products and am even thinking of venturing into doing more than just children’s wear, like more gifts and maybe even personalised goods for pets, Cookie Dough Pets! When I look at how much I have achieved in the past year I’m very proud, from making my first sale, to being asked to go on BBC radio Leicester Live to talk about my business! Reaching 2000 followers on Instagram (which I know is tiny in the big wide world of Instagram but huge to me!) And to running my first ever stall at a Christmas fair, all around everything else that happens in life like getting a promotion at work and buying my first house, it makes me so excited to think about what I can achieve in the year coming up! Fingers crossed that all of the hard work will pay off .. Kirsty x
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Top 5 Baby and Children’s Holiday Clothing

Are you jetting off on a Summer holiday this year and are you looking for the perfect holiday attire for your babies and children? Are you looking for comfy and stylish airport attire? Then look no further! We have chosen our top 5 pieces that we think make the best holiday wear for your babies and children, come and take a look!
  1. Personalised Baby and Kids Tracksuits
Our Personalised Baby and Kids Tracksuits make the most fabulous airport outfits. They're cool and comfortable and your little one will be travelling in style in these tracksuits, they won't want to take it off! Our tracksuits are unisex and are available in various different colours so they're great for boys and girls. We have a few different tracksuits to choose from, a crew neck sweatshirt, a pullover hoody and a zip-up hoody so you can choose the perfect style for you! 2. Personalised Baby and Kids Shorts and T-Shirt Set These shorts and t-shirts sets not only make great airport wear but are also fab for when you get to your sunny destination! The soft cotton is perfect for keeping your child cool and protected in the sun, but still looking super stylish! 3. My First Holiday Babygrow If you're taking your little one on their first holiday then you MUST get this my first holiday baby grow! Make special memories that will last a lifetime! You can choose the colour of the text you like so it is customised especially for you. 4. Personalised Baby and Kids Dungarees How cool are these personalised baby and kids dungarees?! Again they make a fantastic airport outfit as they're so comfy and look amazing teamed with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of pumps or trainers! They can also be worn without the t-shirt and with a pair of sandals for the sunnier weather! 5. Personalised Disney T-Shirts Are you going on a trip to Disney this year?! You MUST stand out from the crowd in one of our special personalised Disney inspire t-shirts! As huge Disney fans, we believe there is nothing in this world more exciting than a trip to Disney so we wanted to create some amazing t-shirt designs that you can make the most wonderful memories in! With lots of designs to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice! Our personalised Disney t-shirts can be customised especially for you with the date of the trip, name of the Disney park you are going to and the name of the baby or child! Your trip to Disney will be made all the more special with these fabulous t-shirts!  

Personalised Baby and Children’s Tracksuits

Our unisex personalised fleece tracksuits are a real fashion statement for babies and children! Available in black, grey, white, navy, royal blue, khaki, and white, there are plenty of colours to choose from. We also offer a lot of different text colours - black, white, gold, silver, glitter gold, rose gold, blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange and leopard print! So you can personalise and customise your tracksuit especially for you! These personalised tracksuits make the perfect loungewear but are also great to be worn outside paired with some trainers or pumps, they're very versatile. Your child will absolutely love wearing our comfy and cosy personalised tracksuits!  

Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas is right around the corner now, whether you're looking for those last few gifts or whether you're looking for inspiration to get you started, we've got your children's Christmas gifts sorted! There's no gift more thoughtful than a handmade, personalised gift. Our festive Christmas clothing and accessories are handmade with love and will make a beautiful present.  
  1. Personalised sweet jars
These make for the perfect gift for anybody with a sweet tooth! A great selection of everyone's favourite sweets are included such as Haribo's, Jellybeans and Wine Gums! A fun gift that everybody will love and the jar can be reused to store anything else once the sweeties are all gone! The text is available in a range of colors - black, white, pink, blue, silver and gold. These jars are available for £9.50   2. Personalised Christmas Pyjamas We have an amazing selection of personalised Christmas pyjamas. Our 'First Christmas' pyjamas are a great keepsake, take photos of your little one in these pyjamas and you can look back in years to come and remember a special first Christmas! These are also a great addition to a Christmas Eve box. Start your Christmas day off right in a pair of gorgeous, personalised Christmas pyjamas. Available in sizes 0-3 months to 5-6 years and a bargain at only £15.99   3. Personalised Woolly Hat Never lose a woolly hat at school or nursery again! This is a fantastic gift to keep your child warm through the winter months. Made from high quality, thick material. This makes a lovely Christmas gift and is available in black, navy, green and burgundy. A steal at only £8.00!   4. Personalised Santa Sacks These will look AMAZING under your Christmas tree! You'll never get anybody's Christmas present piles mixed up again with these beautifully personalised sacks! Also, a great addition to a Christmas Eve box and can be used year after year! No peeking what's inside! Our hessian sacks are £7.99 and our red felt sacks are £6.50. 5. Personalised water bottles and lunch boxes The best gift for children for school and nursery! Know that your child's lunch will be safe and won't get mixed up with these personalised water bottles and lunch boxes. Available in a range of colours from pink, blue, coral, green and purple. Our large water bottles are £9.99, children's twist top bottles are £8.50 and lunch boxes are £8.50.   6. Personalised Christmas T-Shirts Your child will look great on Christmas day in these festive Christmas t-shirts! Add them to your Christmas Eve box or gift them on Christmas day! Available from sizes 1-2 years to 9-11 years. All of our beautifully soft cotton t-shirts are available for £10.00   7. Santa's Milk Bottle If it's a Christmas Eve tradition for you and your family to leave some treats out for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve, then what's more perfect than this milk bottle! Available in several text colours including black, blue, pink, silver and gold! The perfect gift to fill up a Christmas Eve Box and a real bargain at only £5.00!   8. Personalised Christmas Bauble Add a special touch to your Christmas tree with these personalised Christmas baubles! Available in round and a love heart shape with a selection of different fillings including sequins, multicolour feathers and chocolate celebrations!   9. Personalised backpacks These backpacks are amazing for children for nursery and school. Your child will stand out from the crowd with their personalised backpack, and their school/nursery bag will never get mixed up with anybody else's again! Our organic cotton drawstring backpacks are available in black and natural and are a really good bargain at £10.00. They have adjustable shoulder straps which can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. Our urban daypack is available in a range of colors: Black, Burgundy, Coral, Graphite Grey, Light Grey, Mint, Mustard & Navy so you can choose the perfect color for your child. This stylish, spacious backpack has plenty of space to fit in all the essentials for school/nursery.   10. Personalised baby bodysuit These Christmas baby bodysuits are the cutest!! Celebrate your little one's first Christmas and make special memories with these personalised baby bodysuits. All of our bodysuits are high quality and are made from super soft cotton. Available from sizes 0-3 months to 12-18 months and a huge bargain at only £8! Treat a special little one this Christmas with their very own personalised baby bodysuit! So that's our Christmas gift inspiration guide but there is so so much more Christmas inspo available at, come and check us out!  

Top 5 Cookie Dough Kids Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

With Halloween coming up next week and Bonfire Night in a couple of weeks, once these events are over, it's pretty much time for the Christmas countdown! With only 60 days to go until the big event, we have our Top 5 Christmas gifts that you have to get this year! Who doesn't love a handmade, personalised gift?! If you're looking for a beautiful, thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one, look no further... We hope you get some great Christmas inspiration!
  1. Personalised Christmas Pyjamas
What better way to get your child excited for the big day then these comfy soft red and white striped personalised pyjmas, We make them in a number of different styles but our biggest seller has to be the glitter gold bauble ones.   2. Personalised Santa Sack Is there a better feeling than waking up on Christmas day and seeing a big Santa sack from Father Christmas!  We have two personalised sacks on sale at cookie dough kids, a hessian and a felt one.   3. Personalised Christmas Bauble Christmas is my all time favourite time of the year and I get a little excited every year when its time to start putting up the Christmas tree and start decorating. These personalised baubles are so cute and fantastic! they come in two different styles of heart-shaped and round, we also sell them with feathers and sequins but my absolute favourite filling is celebrations! Who doesn't love hanging chocolate on the Christmas tree!   4. Personalised Christmas T-Shirt   5. Personalised Baby Bodysuit      

Personalised Birthday Party Ideas

Having a birthday party is a major event for children! There's nothing more exciting than celebrating your birthday with all of your friends and having a few hours filled with fun, games and food! Every child should stand out at their birthday party as being the birthday boy/girl and our handmade, personalised birthday t-shirts are a great way to do this! If you're looking for something fun, unique and special for your child to wear on their special day, check out a few of our birthday designs!... Disney Inspired Personalised Birthday T-Shirt   Personalised Birthday T-Shirt - Name and Age in Star   Personalised Birthday T-Shirt - Age in Heart   Personalised Birthday T-Shirt - Age Small Love Heart   It's My Birthday Today - Birthday T-Shirt   If you're interested in our Personalised Birthday T-Shirts you may also be interested in our Birthday Party T-Shirt and Party Bag Package! A fabulous set of personalised t-shirts and party bags for your child and all of their party friends!

Children’s Personalised Birthday Party Package

We're excited to now be offering a birthday party package! We wanted to offer something unique and different for children to have an extra special day on their birthday with their friends. We offer a personalised T-shirt, with the name of the birthday child on the front, and the name of the party guest on the back. And how exciting is this! When you order the birthday t-shirts we're throwing in a Party Bag for free for each child attending the party! Party bags are available in Pink & Blue and t-shirts in white, with a variety of different coloured text available. These t-shirts and bags are great for keeping track of your party guests and bring a special touch for the Birthday child and their party friends! There is no limit on the amount that can be ordered, we are happy to make as many as required. Your child’s birthday party will be one to remember with these great personalised T-shirts and Party bags! How to Order:
  1. Choose the age you require
  2. Choose the text colour you would like on the t-shirt
  3. Choose the party bag colour
  4. Choose the text colour you would like on the party bag
  5. Enter the Birthday child’s name
  6. Enter the name of the party guest
  7. Add to basket and repeat this process for as many party guests as you require!
      You can find Personalised Children's Party Bags & Tshirts here


It's the most wonderful time of the year... Christmas is Cookie Dough Kids favourite time of the year, by far! Spending time with family, eating all the Christmas foods possible, curling up in front of the fire watching a Christmas movie, they're just a few of the things we love to do to get us in the festive spirit! We know it's only August, but we have been well prepared and have our Christmas range up and ready to order on the website already. We're offering designs on pyjamas, t-shirts and baby bodysuits. This is only the start, we plan to introduce more designs and more products such as Santa sacks and stockings so keep your eyes peeled! Here are a couple of my favourite designs so far...    


August is almost over, Autumn will soon be upon us which means one thing, Halloween is almost here! We love everything about Halloween at Cookie Dough Kids, Autumnal nights, dressing up in amazing scary costumes and of course, all the yummy treats! We've designed a Halloween range using all of the usual spooky characters, ghosts, bats, witches and of course pumpkins! We've introduced some new vinyl colours especially for this range including orange, purple and green. Our Halloween range is now available to buy, check it out!      

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